Talks and Poster at WIN2019 will cover four main topics:


Electroweak interactions and Higgs physics

Conveners: Greg Landsberg Claudia Bertella and Aleksandr Azatov

Neutrino Physics

Conveners: Mariam Tortola, Jeanne Wilson and Alessandro Menegolli

Flavour and Precision Physics

Conveners: Wei Wang, Claudia Cecchi and Giampiero Mancinelli

Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology

Conveners: Fiorenza Donato, Jocelyn Monroe and Donatella Campana

Highlights talks will be 45′ long (+ 5’ for discussion). Overview talks will be 40’ long (+ 5’ for discussion). Parallel talks will be at least 20′ long (+ 3′ for discussion).

The poster session is scheduled on June 4th and 5th. Accepted posters will be assigned a number. This will be reported on the the board where the poster will be posted. Final, already printed poster, should be brought by authors and posted on boards upon arrival on site.
Final poster should be not bigger than A0 portrait format (85x120h cm).

The best posters will be selected by a jury and will be awarded with dedicated plenary talks on Friday, June 7th.